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About NWCS

Get to know the owners of NWCS, Dean Vanier and Rachelle Vanier.

Dean and Rachelle Vanier

A Word from Our Owner, Dean

"My name is Dean Vanier, owner of North Woods Common Scents (NWCS). I was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and began hunting, fishing, and trapping at a very early age. I started chasing the whitetail deer literally through the fields at 11 and was in a tree with a bow in my hand at 13. I passed my hunter safety course at 15 and have been at it ever since. Trapping taught me a lot about animals and how they use their nose to survive. It only made sense to me that if I could beat a fox nose, then I could certainly beat a whitetail nose. Even back then, I knew that by understanding deer behavior, you could beat the whitetail's defense mechanisms. This was the key to success. I began making my own cover scents and started using deer urines in the early and mid-70s. It took a lot of practice and many failed attempts, but soon I was consistently seeing and shooting more bucks. I started making my own earth, apple, acorn, and pine scents, all of which are common scents of the north woods. Thus, North Woods Common Scents was born.

Today, after more than 30 years, we still source our urines from the same farms here in the Northeastern United States. All of our urine is 100% pure, undiluted, and poured and labeled by hand. We do this in the late summer and early fall, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. However, this also makes quantities limited. I truly believe that this scarcity is the reason our lures are so effective. They are from here in the Northeast, but there are not thousands of bottles saturating the woods where these deer roam.

In the fall, Shelli (my better half) and I hit the road to distribute our products throughout New England, so be sure to ask your local mom and pop shop to carry our products." — Dean Vanier

The NWCS Team

We take great pride in our company and would like to thank the following staff members for their hard work and dedication to the success of NWCS. These individuals have proven time and time again through their success that their passion for whitetail hunting is only matched by their respect for the whitetail deer. Thank you to:

  • Rachelle Vanier
  • Nate Fenderson
  • Pete Porter
  • Kurt & Corey St Germain
  • Donna Castor
  • John Vanier

It Started 35 years ago. I learned that scents / urine's,  allowed me to communicate with deer. I soon realized I was walking with the Whitetails. By using our urine's correctly and understanding what your trying to say using scents, you will up your hunting game dramatically. Make not doubts about about it, you are using the best and the freshest.

We have never deviated from quality. Hand poured into Glass Amber Bottles & sealed air tight with a Poly-cone Cap. Don't forget to send picks of your Buck . Visit the Advanced Scent Hunting Tab to learn more. Thank you.       Dean & Shelli