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Calling Whitetails & Advanced Deer Scent Hunting Techniques

Welcome, friends and fellow hunters. The following is a detailed seminar on how to increase your odds of success using advanced deer scent hunting techniques. We hope you find it enjoyable and informative. Attend one of our upcoming events to see our seminar in person. We go into even more detail with live whitetail footage.

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Deer Hunting Tips & Advice From Our Owner

Hi, my name is Dean Vanier with NWCS. I'm here to discuss how to increase your odds of success by using deer lures and advanced scent hunting techniques.

The name 'North Woods' comes from where I was born and raised: the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I started by making my own cover scents like earth, pine, cedar, and apple—all of which are common scents of the North Woods. Thus, NWCS came to be. I started hunting, fishing, and trapping at an early age. While trapping, I discovered that if I could beat an animal's nose, then I could catch them. I took it to the next level and thought that if it works with coyotes and foxes, then it should work with deer. I learned to hunt from a tree without a tree stand at the age of 13 and used cover scents to mask my scent.

There are many ways to hunt the whitetail deer: spotting and stocking, still hunting, deer drives, and, of course, tracking. I believe tracking to be one of the most consistent methods to take big whitetails in New England; however, conditions need to be favorable, and you need to be in reasonably good shape. I have used most of these methods with success, but the technique I enjoy the most is calling and scent hunting. Calling and scent hunting is totally different than any other method out there. You have the opportunity to see deer doing things you've never seen before, such as scraping, hooking, grunting, and sparring.

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It Started 35 years ago. I learned that scents / urine's,  allowed me to communicate with deer. I soon realized I was walking with the Whitetails. By using our urine's correctly and understanding what your trying to say using scents, you will up your hunting game dramatically. Make not doubts about about it, you are using the best and the freshest.

We have never deviated from quality. Hand poured into Glass Amber Bottles & sealed air tight with a Poly-cone Cap. Don't forget to send picks of your Buck . Visit the Advanced Scent Hunting Tab to learn more. Thank you.       Dean & Shelli