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Products — Whitetail Deer Urine

Deer season will be here soon! Order you deer Urine's now as quantities are limited. All of our products are Certified, CWD-free, and 100% pure and undiluted. If your ready for the best hunting season of your life, Use North Woods Common Scents and experience the difference.
Note: All our urines are hand-poured, capped and sealed in a glass bottle with a Poly Cone cap to assure and guarantee the freshest deer urine available. WE HAVE NOT HAD A PRICE INCREASE FOR OVER 5 YEARS. UNFORTUNATELY TIMES HAVE CAUGHT UP TO US AND WE ARE FORCED TO INCREASE THE COST OF OUR URINES. AS ALWAYS IT HAS BEEN YOUR SUCCESSES THAT HAVE DRIVEN OUR BUSINESS.

We thank you for your continued support. 

Advance scent Hunting Techniques

NWCS 4-oz. Doe Urine

Our 'Doe Urine' is a fantastic all-around cover and lure, making it is an absolute must in the early fall. Use it alone or in combination with 'Buck Urine' for mock scrapes in the pre-rut. Applying it to your boots covers any human scent and attracts other curious deer. Deer also tend to follow other deer as it gives them a feeling of security. Using this 'Doe Urine' with a doe bleat is also very effective.

Price: $24.95
Add $5.00 S&H

Doe Urine

NWCS 4-oz. Doe in Heat

This 'Doe in Heat' scent is the finest available. Use it alone or in combination with 'Doe Urine' to indicate a doe coming into estrus. You can also add it to real scrapes or make mock scrapes with 'Buck Urine' scent or 'Buck with Tarsal' scent during the rut. Use it in drippers, drag rags, wicks, or on decoys. This scent will increase your odds of success dramatically during the rut! Remember: the only way a buck knows if a doe is ready to breed is by scent-checking her urine! Do not apply to your person.

Price: $29.95
Add $5.00 S&H

 Doe in Heat

NWCS 4-oz. Buck Urine

Our 'Buck Urine' is one of our early season favorites. It works as a great cover and lure. In early fall, bucks are bachelor-ed up and checking each other out to see who is who, making it the perfect time to use this scent. Use it alone or in combination with 'Doe Urine' on real or mock scrapes. This is an indication to other deer that the Prue-rut has started. During the Prue-rut, bucks are more than willing to find out who the new guy on the block is.

Price: $24.95
Add $5.00 S&H

Buck Urine

NWCS 4-oz. Buck with Tarsal

NWCS 'Buck with Tarsal' is our most aggressive lure. Rattling or using it on scrapes or around hookings tells other dominant bucks that there is competition in the area. It will certainly get their attention. Using NWCS 'Buck with Tarsal' and 'Doe in Heat' in a mock scrape can be a deadly combination. Remember: painting the picture for the buck is important. Use a grunt call to seal the deal. Do not apply to your person.

Price: $29.95
Add $5.00 S&H

Buck with Tarsal


The NWCS 'Power Pack' is your own virtual whitetail herd. It is all you will need for the entire season. The 'Doe Urine' and 'Buck Urine' scents make a great cover, curiosity scent, or mock scrape early in the season. As the rut progresses, gradually add 'Doe in Heat' to your 'Doe Urine' and 'Buck with Tarsal' to your 'Buck Urine.' This is the same as deer gradually progressing through the rut as Mother Nature intended. When full rut arrives, introduce pure 'Doe in Heat' and/or 'Buck with Tarsal.' Whether you use them in real or mock scrapes, on a drag rag, dripper, or in buck bombs, you will most definitely increase your odds of success by using our scents. Do not apply to your person.

Price: $109.00
Add $15.00 S&H
**Receive a free scent holster with the NWCS Power Pack

North Woods Power Pack

North Woods Double Barrel Scent Holster

This holster will change the way you take your deer lures and scent eliminators into the woods, thereby making your liquid product last twice as long. With the holster, you can apply scent to branches and decoys without wasting time finding your scent in your pack or pockets. No spills and no mess! The sturdy canvas material protects the thick plastic 2-oz. bottles, and the steel belt clip holds the holster firmly to your belt, keeping your scents easily accessible. It's perfect to use for real or mock scrapes, and it's great for spraying downwind from your stand.

The heavy-duty sprayers are designed to disperse a large fine cloud of scent into the air. For best results, don't pour your lures on the ground; instead, spray a large fine mist. During the pre-rut, add an eyedropper of 'Doe in Heat' to your 'Doe Urine' and 'Buck with Tarsal' to your 'Buck Urine.' During the rut, a spray of 'Buck with Tarsal' and a spray of 'Doe in Heat' create a hot scrape in seconds.

Price: $19.95
Add $5.00 S&H
**Receive a free scent holster with the NWCS Power Pack

North Woods Double Barrel Scent Holster

NWCS Price List

We are commited to giving you the hunter,  the best product available at the best price. Don't be fooled by big names and plastic bottles.

Price List

Type Price Shipping & Handling
4-oz. Doe $24.95 $5.00
4-oz. Buck $24.95 $5.00
4-oz. Doe in Heat $29.95 $5.00
4-oz. Buck with Tarsal $29.95 $5.00
NWCS Power Pack** $109.00 $15.00
Scent Holster** $19.95 $5.00
**Receive a free scent holster with the NWCS Power Pack.

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It Started 35 years ago. I learned that scents / urine's,  allowed me to communicate with deer. I soon realized I was walking with the Whitetails. By using our urine's correctly and understanding what your trying to say using scents, you will up your hunting game dramatically. Make not doubts about about it, you are using the best and the freshest.

We have never deviated from quality. Hand poured into Glass Amber Bottles & sealed air tight with a Poly-cone Cap. Don't forget to send picks of your Buck . Visit the Advanced Scent Hunting Tab to learn more. Thank you.       Dean & Shelli